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[Looking for co-founders] Let's build the secure and private way to backup and share photos

[Looking for co-founders] Let's build the secure and private way to backup and share photos

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Sebastian Gale
·Feb 20, 2021·

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Privacy and security are becoming increasingly important in the modern world of digitalizing everything. Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, Equifax, and many more companies have had significant data breaches in just the past few years. And with people starting to become more and more privacy-conscious, alternatives like Signal are widely gaining users and adoption. I want to help move forward the state of privacy in the digital era.

Right now the team is myself (a full-stack developer specialized in frontend who's always loved business), another full-stack developer, and a digital marketer.

What we're building

I've always cared about my privacy but I still like all of the conveniences of using the internet. Personally, I like taking photos and I care about keeping them backed up and safe, far away from the prying eyes of big tech. But I still want the convenience of being able to view them and share them from the cloud in an app or on my computer. Unfortunately, none of the available options like Google Photos or Apple Photos can ensure your privacy, they have full access to everything you upload.

That's why I'm building a better way using end-to-end encryption so that users can have their photos automatically uploaded and maintain easy access to view and share them without giving up access to all of their memories. This project is very technically challenging so I'm looking for others who share similar views on the right to privacy and see an opportunity to build something great. I'm looking for people who want to join purely for equity, I will be forming a corporation at some point before launch.

Where we're at

At the moment we're working on pushing out a functional beta, and we've done some marketing research to make sure there's a demand for such a service. We're building the frontend using Ionic with React so that we only have to maintain a single codebase to deploy to Android, iOS, and Web/PWA. The backend API is being built using a combination of NodeJS with MongoDB and Serverless functions, and we're using Backblaze B2 for object storage. The whole project is also open-source under the AGPLv3 license.

If you're interested don't hesitate to reach out to me and I'll be happy to talk more about the system design, the approach we're taking, the viability as a company, etc. There are no minimum experience requirements necessarily, only that you have the skillset to help get this off the ground and won't shy away from technical challenges. We're also already a fairly global team (Canada, US, and India) so timezones aren't much of a concern so long as you can communicate well.

You can reach me by email: Or also by discord: seblz432#0800

As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to also comment below with any questions you might have.

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